Yesterday I left Bogotá. I had 3 nice days there with sun and rain, exploring the city. Bogotá lies at 2600m above sea level, and I could definitely feel it while walking around. Especially up hill. It’s an immense city with 8 mill. inhabitants. I mostly stayed in and around the area La Candelaria which is famous for its old streets and architecture from the colonial times. Here lies as well the government.

What I enjoyed most about Bogotá was its museums. What was more, was that they were free. I only paid for one, which cost less than $2. I visited a lot of them and encountered a few really good photography exhibitions. Which excited me of course. One by Martin Parr, one of my inspirations, and one by Jesús Abad Colorado. A Colombian photographer that has documented conflict zones in Colombia for many years, from the perspective of the people affected.

I always enjoy going to museums to get inspiration and learn about the history. I truly got that in Bogotá. 

What was less desirable was the crazy traffic and air pollution. One could really feel the dirt in air. That’s why it’s so good to be out in on the country side once more. Had a boring run out of the city, but for the last hour, I took off from the highway and into curvy mountain roads. On the way I also visited the salt cathedral of Zipaquira. An incredible sight.

Found a place to stay just pass Villa de Leyva. At La Alameda Hotel Campestre. I put up my tent and was ready to spend my first night in it. Later at night the rain came. The manager, Martin told me I could take one of the cabins as they had spare ones, at no extra cost. Incredible hospitality. He wouldn’t let me stay in my so-so tent. Very grateful for that, because the tent did not look too good. There are definitely some wet nights coming, and not of that kind...

Next stop: Bucaramanga


Leif Enrique